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Invest in Startup Musicians

Anyone can invest in music copyright-backed NFTs. Earn royalty revenue alongside startup musicians from around the world. Buy and sell music copyright shares on our copyright exchange. 

How It Works

GoFarther Ventures reintroduces Venture Capital to the music industry,
changing how musicians access growth funding and providing a platform
for the securitization of copyright assets.

We Find Startup Musicians

Our tech determines which musicians have momentum.

We Invest in the Copyright

Our fund is a perfect match for emerging startup musicians.

We Securitize the Copyright

Our fund model allows anyone to invest in copyright assets.

You Make Returns

You receive royalties or sell your shares in our secondary market.

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2020 Revenue Report:
The Unstoppable Rise of Independent Artists



They are serial entrepreneurs. In addition to music, they may have their

own sneaker line, fashion brand, niche app, marijuana company, real estate firm,

food truck brand, construction company, hair salon chain, tech company, etc. 


NFTs make copyright assets tradeable, liquid, and investable. NFTs complement the music copyright within the art asset class and supply investors with a revenue generating asset. NFTs create an investment vehicle for startup musicians.


The next great musicians are not just great musicians. They are founders and visionaries. We want to treat startup musicians like startup companies; investing at the earliest of stages, guiding them to success and amazing returns.


Copyrights have become an attractive investment over the last few years, triggering an acquisition boom. As the demand for music assets grows, the demand to buy and sell these assets will also grow. Our exchange offers liquidity.

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DJ Parker

Founding Partner

20-year Music Industry Career:

Serial Entrepreneur: Labels, Talent Management, Advertising, Studios.

8-year Finance Career:

Private Equity, Consumer & Commercial Loans, Credit Repair.

Founder & CEO: 

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